Warning! Your computer has been opening Error Solution

Warning! Your computer has been opening Error Solution

Hello Friends We will tell you how to solve the error, your computer case has been opening. First of all, what would cause this fault? Some of the original Brand (Acer Dell Asus, etc.) marketers have a mechanism on the desktop computer next to the cover lock to make the case cover open or closed. Thanks to this mechanism, the device detects that the lid’s cover is open or closed. If the cover is open it gives this warning.


If you open and reopen the lid’s cover for any work or leave it open, Warning! Your computer has been turned off. You will receive this warning whenever you restart the computer.



How do you get rid of this situation?

First restart your computer and enter Bios settings on the first screen. Your computer may have a bios login key F2, delete. After entering the Bios main screen, find the menu with the Chassis Opened Warning warning in the opposite menu. The Acer machine on my hand is just below this Menu Security Tab. You come to this Screen. And in this screen, if you have turned off this warning box, select the place where you are still receiving clear and press enter. Disable this warning if the case cover should be open permanently. F10 or save exit and save and exit.

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  • Hei igjen jeg har åpnet dekselet på maskinen og har fått meldingen
    Warning! Your chassis has been opened
    Press F1 to continue

    Problemet er imidlertid at tastaturet ikke virker – har ikke kontakt med maskinen Har forsøkt med 2 forskjellige tastaturer (tastatur som er kablet) Tips hva gjør jeg ???

    • Plug a keyboard with PS 2 input while the computer is turned off. Make the settings as described in the topic. It will be fine.

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