Transferring Samsung Android Phone Contacts to Nokia phone

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Hello Here I am going to tell you how to transfer the Samsung Android Phonebook to Nokia Corner without fault. Earlier in this article we have told you how to transfer Nokia Contacts to Samsung Devices.

Two Required Programs:

Nokia Pc Suite  Download link
Samsung Kies   Download Link

We download and install these two programs. We’re restarting our computer. Then we connect the Samsung phone to the Samsung Kies program by connecting it with the connection cable.

After seeing our phone Kies program On the left side we click on the Phonebook menu. Then we click on the top of the drop-down guide where you save your computer.

You need to be careful; We are choosing the Recording Vcard File (* .vcf) as the File. We open a folder on your desktop and save it there. (The registration file is not a single file, it is advisable to drop it into a new folder because it is more than one file)


After completing the registration process, we are installing our Nokia phone on the computer this time.

After opening the same program, we will see our phone smoothly. menüsünde kişiler yazan yere tıklıyoruz.

From the People menu, we click on the file above and click Import. In the window that opens, we open the Folder where we have saved our Samsung Contacts. Select all the files in it, click OK, and our contacts have started to be transferred. We are waiting till the end, the Guide is successfully transferred, and then our process is complete.

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