Things to Watch While Using Notebooks. Recommendations for using a notebook with a long life

Things to Watch While Using Notebooks, Recommendations for using a notebook with a long life

Here are some things to keep in mind for your notebooks to be used for a long time and not to lose their performance. With the use of these features, your computer will have both a long service life and fewer problems.

– Clean notebook fan and coolers every 3-6 months. If not cleaned, excessive heat may damage the device.
– Do not use on a continuous charge
Both the battery and the device damage.
– Never use liquid cleaning materials when cleaning the appliance.
It damages the keyboard, lcd and circuits.
– Immediately turn the device upside down when liquid is poured into your notebook. Remove the battery and charger with the lcd clear.
It can work after dryness but it causes short-term malfunctions. Immediately return to your service and have it cleaned.
Do not attempt to dry the liquid spilled notebook with the hair dryer.
Both accelerate the start of corrosion and melt the keyboard keys.
– Charger in the front of the bag while carrying your notebook in the bag. Do not place hard objects.
An impact device lcd from the front can be broken.
– Do not carry your notebook by leaving it in sleep mode in the bag.
Overheating device is damaged.
– Do not operate your notebook on soft surfaces.
Bed, carpet, armchair, etc. The device will block the air vents and damage the overheating device
– Keep it balanced during transport.
You should remove it from the right and left side or from the center.
– Pay close attention to the chargers you have installed on your charger.
Sockets that do not fit tightly and sparks damage electronic devices.
– Open and close the screen right in the middle.
Otherwise, the display hinges, the screen or the display cable may be damaged.

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