Things to consider for security in using Internet Banking

Things to consider for security in using Internet Banking

• Never make Internet Banking transactions from public computers! Because public computers may also be programs that secretly record your username and password.

• Web pages served via mail or other media should not be used and should not be redirected to the Internet Branch from different pages.

• In order to exit from Internet Banking, the transactions must be terminated by using ‘Secure Exit’ button.

• Do not save your computer or scanner. If you are going to record your computer, encrypt it using Encryption programs. Do not send your passwords and confidential information by e-mail to other e-mail addresses without encrypting them.

• Always use antivirus software and personal firewall (Desktop Firewall) on your own computer.

• Keep your operating system up to date. Install the latest security patches (Security Patch).

• Use Windows 7 and higher operating systems for Microsoft-based systems. It is recommended to use Windows 10.

• When you enter the Internet Branch, if you have an incorrect login within the day, ‘Unsuccessful Visits’ screen opens. By checking for incorrect visits there, you can check whether a third party is using your accounts. You can see the date and time of your most recent visits by accessing the ‘Successful Visits’ screen under the ‘Security’ menu. By checking this information, you can check whether a third party is using your accounts after you.

• You should change your passwords periodically.

• Only download programs from trusted sites and scan your downloaded programs with your antivirus program.

• Piracy programs (cracks) and game CDs from pirated program sellers are dangerous for you. CDs with broken programs often have malicious programs (Trojan, virus, worm …).

• Your bank does not require you to undertake any certification installation on your mobile phone. With this method, a link containing a virus is sent to your phone and sms password messages are requested to be reached. Do not make any entry to such information screens on the web page.

• Use “Virtual Keyboard” located on the Internet Card when entering your Password and Password. Virtual Keyboard allows you to enter your Internet Branch password from your screen without using the keys on your computer keyboard. This will protect you from a lot of programs without registering the keys you have entered from your keyboard called Keylogger which is loaded on your computer without your knowledge. Since you can not fully protect you from the Virtual Keyboard, you should use a personal firewall, keep your antivirus software and operating system up-to-date.

• You should pay attention to the following rules when giving your passwords.

Passwords contain at least 8 characters.

Do not use passwords that are easy to guess (such as 123456, 111111, aaaaaa).

The passwords are not in the dictionaries or in the daily conversation.
For example, special names, place names, technical terms and slang phrases should not be used.

Also, at least three of the keys in the four different groups on the computer keyboard should be in the cipher. These four groups:

(A) Capital letters {A..z}

(B) Lower Letters {a..z}

© Sayılar {0..9}

(D) Punctuation marks {,;: @ @ # # $% ^ & * …}

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