Temple Run, how to backup saved game Temple Run 2 Game

Temple Run, how to backup saved game Temple Run 2 Game

Hi friends how is Temple Run game backed up almost everyone knows? I will tell you how to proceed from where we installed the post-format game.

A game that you can download and play for free on your Android smartphone and tablet, Temple run, your heroes of your game are traveling to exotic spaces, ancient ruins and dangerous dungeons to discover forgotten treasures. A giant gorilla, the guardian of the treasured treasures our heroes are trying to capture throughout these adventures, is constantly following them and punishing them for a moment when our heroes are slowing down. Our task is to protect our heroes by overcoming their hurdles and to prevent them from becoming gigantic bait.

Now how come this game to be backed up. Connect your phone or tablet to the computer on the phone’s tablet screen and say Allow Allow Outbreak. Log in from my computer icon and enter the memory of your phone or device. Then enter the following URL:


Copy it to the desktop as if it were com.imagni.templerun or com.imagni.templerun2 in the address you came from. After loading your phone / tabletsize format, install the temple run program and connect it to the computer again. You can also import the com.imagni.templerun or com.imagni.templerun2 file that you copied to the desktop in the phone / android / data folder. Write over the same file warning.

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