Set up a network between computers, set up a wireless network between computers, set up a network between computers windows 7

Set up a network between computers, set up a wireless network between computers, set up a network between computers windows 7

Networking between computers

Is a temporary link established between computers and devices for a specific purpose (for example, sharing a document during a meeting or playing a computer game with multiple players). You can also temporarily share an Internet connection with other people on your temporary network so that they do not have to set up their own Internet connection. Temporary networks can only be wireless. For this reason, you must be able to create a temporary network or have a wireless network adapter in your computer before you can join such a network.

Click Network and Sharing Center.
Click Set up a new connection or network.
Click Set up a wireless ad-hoc (cross-computer) network, click Next, and follow the steps in the wizard.


If one or more of the networked computers participate in the domain, each person who uses the network must have a user account for each person who uses the network to see and access the shared items on that computer.
Enable password-protected sharing in Advanced sharing settings if network-connected computers are not joined to the domain, but you want to require users to have a user account on your computer for access to shared items.

To turn on password-protected sharing

Click Advanced Sharing Settings.
Click the square bracket to expand the current network profile.
If Password Protected is turned off, click Turn on password protected sharing, and then click Save changes. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type or confirm the password.
All users are automatically deleted when they stop temporary network connections or when the network installer disconnects and leaves the network’s other users’ access to the temporary network (when you are creating a permanent network).
If you share your Internet connection, Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) is disabled when you disconnect from the temporary network, create a new ad hoc network without disconnecting the old temporary network from which you enabled ICS, or log off and log on again (without disconnecting from the temporary network).
If you set up an ad hoc network and share your Internet connection and someone logs on using the same computer with Fast User Switching, the Internet connection will continue to be shared even if you have not shared it with that person.

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