Samsung NP300E5A notebook Recovery, recovery key, reset, format, How to do it?

Hello friends To reinstall the Samsung NP300E5A notebook computer, here is what you will do:

Important note:
– before this recovery process your information is taken to a different HDD. everything is deleted.
– your computer should not have been formatted with usb before for recovery. recovery partition is stopped.
If you have trouble with the end of the charge with the charger attached, you will be back to the beginning again.

  • – first restart your computer and press the F4 key, which can not be opened.


  • – we call it restore on this screen that opens later.


  • we call it a full load on this screen.


  • The computer is selected to be the first place to write the state.
  • – agree and say okay.


  • – all data will be deleted !!! yes we say.


  • ardından recovery işlemi başlar 30 dak kadar yüklemeler yapar, son olarak bilgisayarınız ilk aldığınız gün gibi karşınıza gelir.

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