Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Reset, format, loading rom, pattern lock, password forgotten SOLUTION

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Reset, format, loading rom, pattern lock, password forgotten SOLUTION

Attention please! We recommend that you backup your data prior to these steps. Disruptions such as power failure during installation and reset can cause permanent damage to your device’s chip. Therefore, do not set up your device with at least 50% charge.

Hello friends, your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet has slowed down, you forget your password, you do not turn it on and you want to format it, here’s what you do:

(After this process all the games, documents, music, picture files in the device are deleted, your memory card is not affected).

– Shut down your device.
-When the device is switched off, press the Power button while pressing and holding the Rise Up + Home key.
– When the Samsung logos come in, release the power key.
-Recovery (Recovery) screen when it arrives; Select Wipe Data / Factory Reset with the help of the Minimize button on the pop-up screen and press the Power button.
Press the power key again with the help of the volume decrease / increase keys on the display which shows yes delete all user data.
– The process takes a few seconds and returns to the main recovery screen. This time we will select the reboot point again and we will get the power key. Device restarts.
-the first opening takes a long time and comes in the form of the day you first bought your tablet

Important note:
– On the device recovery screen, we will work up and down with the power on or off button in the selection operation.
If you see the sound goes down 2 times when you press the button, it is related to this software. Start the operation from the beginning of the format screen when it comes to press the button 3 times to decrease the volume and start pressing powera.

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