ReedPAD Tablet Formatting, Rom Atma, recovery

Attention please! We recommend that you backup your data prior to these steps. Disruptions such as power failure during installation and reset can cause permanent damage to your device’s chip. Therefore, do not set up your device with at least 50% charge.

ReedPAD3 Lite Slim SW Installation

First download the rom driver and the livesuit program of your device to your computer. Download Link

1 – Remove the Livesuit & Driver Folder to your desktop.

2 – Plug the USB cable of your ReedPAD3 Lite Slim device into your PC.

3- ReedPAD3 Lite Set your Slim to the off position.

4 – Press and hold the reedPAD3 Lite Slim ‘s volume down button for 10 seconds, press the button
USB cable that you connected to your computer while continuing to hold the reedPAD3 Lite Slim
And press the on / off button 10 times repeatedly. Continue to press the volume up button all the while. You can now remove your finger from the buttons.

5- Your PC will recognize your device and ask for a driver. You can find the relevant drivers in the Driver folder you extracted to the Desktop.

6 – Once you have reedPAD3 Lite Slim on your PC, run the Livesite program in the Livesuit & Driver folder.

7- Opened window,
A. Click SelectImg and select the slim.img file.
B. Click Sysupdate.

Your transaction will be completed in 2-3 minutes.
NOTE: If the update process does not start, please disconnect your tablet from the USB cable and reinsert it without touching any buttons and reinsert the USB drivers. The Livesuite program will automatically recognize your device and prompt Update to delete your files and ask if you want to continue updating. Here you can perform the update by selecting Continue to update.

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