How To Make Pdf Files With Image Files, How to make jpeg files in pdf

How To Make Pdf Files With Image Files

Hello there are picture format files in your hand and you want to convert them to pdf. There are a few ways to do this. Today I will tell you some of these ways.

First way: First download the BullZip PDF Printer named program here and install it. This is a free application that you can use to print your program files as PDF. The program is installed as a printer on your system and you can extract the PDF file using this printer from your favorite Windows application.

After we set up the program; We open a word file and add a picture from the file from the add image menu to create a word file with the pictures you want to pdf. Then, after you prepare your file, you can print it out and choose the printer named BullZip PDF Printer from the printer section. Once you have made your choice, we will ask you where we want to save the pdf file, after you have chosen the place you want to save it. Our file will be ready as pdf.


 Second way: With Primopdf you can convert to PDF as if you were printing a normal image. Click to download the program. Select all the pictures. Right click and print. Select PrimoPdf as the printer. Adjust the horizontal / vertical setting from the settings. Then choose a placement you like. It may give warning when printing is finished. It’s not important, press OK. Then the quality from the drop-down window. Settings are being made. Press the last create pdf and it happened!




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