LENOVO TAB A7-30 MTK8382 tablet Recovery, reset, format, restore

Hello friends LENOVO TAB A7-30 Here’s what you’ll do to rebuild your MTK8382 tablet:
– With the tablet closed, press the Power button, volume up button and volume down button at the same time. Press and hold until the following screen is displayed. Press the power button once to select Recovery mode on this screen.

NOTE: we use the volume up keys to select the volume down to go down.


  • 2- If this screen is displayed instead of the above screen, press the power button.


  • 3 – then this screen will come on this screen with the help of the wipe data / factory reset with the help of the volume down key to the point. Click once with the volume up key.


  • 4 – Then scroll to YES – delete all user data and press the volume up key.



  • 5-Data wipe complete, then reboot system now.

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