Learning Forgotten Windows Password, How to solve windows user password forgotten

Learning Forgotten Windows Password, How to solve windows user password forgotten

Hello You have forgotten the user session password on your Windows 8 and 8.1 operating system and want to remove it. How do I do this now?

– first of all you will be able to crack your local user with this process, if you are doing a login with your microsoft account, you can get your password from microsoft account (hotmail, msn) instead. (That is, your local user on your computer’s user password screen can decrypt your passwords with this process.) Opening your account with microsoft account can get your hotmail password etc from this address.)

Here is what you will do:

– first download Active @ Boot Disk 10 full.
– Install the program you are downloading to full.
– insert a blank usb memory into the computer.
– then open the program you installed, set the boot disk to bootable disk as you boot up the program after booting. You can watch the video on this link to do this.
– After setting usb memory as boot disk, turn off the computer asking for the password and insert the memory.
– start computer from usb memory. (Most importantly, we have to configure the BIOS to boot the USB memory so that the computer starts with our usb memory.) We change the bios bios temporarily to Legacy Csm boot and start the computer with usb memory.

  • our computer comes with this screen after booting with usb:


  •  then the main screen of the program comes up on this screen where we click the arrow.


  • then the main menu comes up, we go over the key picture at the bottom of this menu and open the Active password Changer program.


  •  we say next on this screen.


  • In this page we have 3 choices, we select the top one automatically find the section where the cipher is found.


  • The screen showing us where the file that contains the encryption is displayed here.


  • Select the user name we want to break the password and say forward.


  • And finally select Clear this user password on the screen.


Then restart the computer from the main screen after this.
The computer does not start, enter the bios settings and restore the changes you made to boot with usb again and save.
It can go into computer update mode on first boot, take boot time, then make normal boot.

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