I installed the memory system, but the system does not boot.

I installed the memory system, but the system does not boot.

Try the following actions one by one, one at a time …

Turn off your computer and remove and reinsert the memory.
Turn off your computer and insert the Kingston memory module into the first slot.
Shut down your computer and put the Kingston memory on its own.
Check to make sure all expansion cards are in place. Expansion cards may have been moved out of the slot when inserting them into the memory slot.
If the LED lights on your computer do not light up, you may have incorrectly wired the cabling on your device. The gray cable should go back smoothly. If the gray cable is not connected correctly, your device will not boot properly or boot will not occur. The red part of the cable (usually the red color) indicates pin 1 and should be connected to pin 1 on the socket. Please check the cables and socket carefully, see the motherboard user manual for pin 1.
For Intel® Desktop Platforms with Pentium® 4 processor; 2×2 connector ATX12V yada SFX12V case is required. Higher power consumption of graphics cards, sound cards, peripherals, and Intel® Pentium® 4 processors is high for standard 5A current ATX & SPX power supplies. ATX12V and SFX12V power supply design guidelines (http://www.formfactors.org/) recommend using at least 12Voltta 8A power supply for optimal use of Intel® Pentium 4 processor motherboard. Standard ATX and SFX power supplies are typically used they deliver an average of 5A, which is not a good enough value to run a reliable Intel® Pentium 4 processor.
Make sure that the module is installed correctly and check that the module specifications match the values ​​in the device manual. If the module is installed correctly and the module properties match the values ​​in the user manual, the module may be defective. Please refund what you bought to replace it with the new one.

ATTENTION! Be careful when inserting memory modules. Improper installation may damage the motherboard in the memory module.

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