HP Pavilion G6 Overheating (Even after cleaning) shutdown problem solving

HP Pavilion G6 Overheating (Even after cleaning) shutdown problem solving

Hi friends How do we solve the problem of overheating after the overheating in Hp Pavilion notebook computers? Let’s look at what are the factors that cause the closure and what is the solution.

Shutdown is caused by overheating. In order not to damage the internal hardware of overheating, the computer turns itself off. Or motherboard processor and so on. The parts light up. Processor fans and ventilation holes that have not been cleaned for a long time cause this problem to occur.

After overheating, your computer computer runs heavily and does not respond during the game and the windows do not respond. The fans rotate faster to reduce heat and make sound.

Let’s see how we can solve this problem:

1- Update the bios, download the appropriate bios model for your device and update the bios.

2- HP CoolSense technology: HP CoolSense Technology is available on some HP notebooks; Hardware, software and mechanical design, to bring the temperature of your laptop to manage dynamically and a computer that allows you to relax while using the computer. Download and install the latest version of the HP CoolSense application from the HP CoolSense Technology download site.

3- Replace the complete fan maintenance and thermal paste part of your notebook computer as described in the video below. Below is a picture of a clogged fan see the pictures. This is the biggest cause of temperature.

As you can see, it is normal for your computer to shut down if this happens. Bubun should be cleaned nicely and the paste of the processor coolers should be renewed. My advice is not to blow the air with an air machine from the outside instead of completely distribute the device to clean the fans. Never blow air while the adapter and battery are connected.

4- Some of these Pavilion G6 series notebooks continue to close after fan maintenance and thermal paste replacement. The reason of this; overheating of the Northbridge chip on the motherboard. I found a solution to this solution is available in our video narration. Just watch.



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