Hp Notebook Windows 10 Computer Shutdown Problem Solution

If you want to turn off Windows normally, the power light stays on and the screen turns black and if the computer is still working, you can find the solution below.

Hp I’ll tell you how to solve the problem that Windows does not close frequently on notebook computers.

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • first, update the graphics driver.
    First of all, right click on my computer and enter the properties. Click on the device manager on the left and click on the display adapters in the window that appears. As I said when opening, Intel HD graphics is turned on with the NVDIA or ATI graphics card on systems with dual graphics cards. First of all, you right-click on the two of them and click Update driver software to automatically update the latest updated version of the video card. Try turning off the computer when it is finished. If it is solved, there is no problem.

  • Go to Hp Support to download and install the appropriate Bios update for your device. Bios update download and do as I explained the video process.

Your problem will be solved after these two operations.

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