How to recovery the MSI Notebook operating system?, Recovery Key, reset, Format

Hello friends, today I will tell you how to format and reset the device by recovering from MSI Brand Gaming series Notebooks. Before starting this job, back up all the backups on your computer to a different external disk. Because this process will delete all your data. And remember that in order for this process to be successful, your device must not be formatted with a USB or CD before. If the format was previously USB, these processes will not start.

Now let’s come to what to do; If your device turns on first, click the restart button while holding down your device’s CTRL and Shift keys. While clicking restart, you will press CTRL and Shift keys on the keyboard. When your device restarts, you will see a troubleshooting screen. Click on the troubleshoot and click on MSI Factory Setting. Your device will restart and come to the Recovery System screen, from there click on System Partition Recovery. The charger must be plugged in to start this process.

Once the recovery process starts, your device will come across as soon as you first received it. As I said before, this Recovery process must not be formatted with a USB or CD before it will work. And also this system does not happen on devices that do not have FreeDOS, that is, the operating system. Unfortunately, the deleted Recovery partition does not recover again. You can do this way while your device is on. If your device does not turn on at all, pressing the F3 key as soon as you turn on the device will bring up the troubleshooting screen. This is what you will do, easy.

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