How to Loading rom, format, recover, reset, Freeman Free-075 tablets and download ROM

How to Loading rom, format, recover, reset, Freeman Free-075 tablets and download ROM

This Expression FREE-075 (CML) tablet for other Freeman tablets you can try the same way. But the ROM file below is for FREE-075 (CML) only.

Hello friends; I will describe what you will do to re-install the Freeman Free-075 model format. After this process all your information is deleted. If you can get your backups, get your important documents in a different memory.

This way you can format and re-format your device that is not turned on at all. If your device is turned on, you can reset the settings to the factory settings from the backup / restore menu.

I will explain 2 ways to format Freeman Free-075 tablets.

1- Path

  • First take your tablet off. While the unit is switched off, press the Volume Up and Power keys at the same time.
  • Then this screen will appear. On this screen wipe data / factory reset with the help of the voice keys and press the power key. Recovery will come next screen.
  • Finally, with the help of the volume keys on this screen, come to the opposite of yes all and wait for a few seconds.
  • After a short time your tablet will return to the first screen. Finally reboot your device by rebooting. Your device may be turned on a little later when it is first turned on. Then the first case comes against you.


2- Path

For those who can not do it by road 1 or can not open the rescue screen in some way; As the second way you will do at work:


  • Remove the required ROM and the program, then remove the folder. Rar password is written above.
  • Then install the program named DPInst64 if you have a DPInst or 64 bit operating system in the PhoenixSuit folder. This program will load the tablet driver into the computer.
    Note: your phone will not be connected to the computer during these operations, DPInst64 will be installed if your operating system is 64bit
  • We came to the point where it mattered. Run the PhoenixSuit named application in the PhoenixSuit folder. Scroll up to the firmware menu. Select the Free-75 CML image file located in the Freeman Free-075 tablet ROM file you downloaded from the image directory.


  • Then take your tablet to your hand. Press and hold the volume down key to connect your computer. Once your computer has detected your tablet, click on the upgrade button in the PhonexSuite program. And start the process.,
  • After the process is finished, after the post was successfully downloaded, unplug your tablet from the computer.
  • That’s all you will do.

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