How to install Windows 7 on HP Pavilion G6 notebooks with Windows 8 Bios settings, picture expression

Hi, Your HP Pavilion G6 computer with Windows 8 installed is what you need to do to install windows 7, respectively:

1- Restart your computer and enter the BIOS screen with the F10 key on the first screen.

2- On the Bios screen, we make the following settings respectively.

3- We disable the Secure Boot Option on the System Configuration Menu.

4-Enable Legacy Support Option.

5- In the Legacy Boot Order Option, we are bringing the Internal Cd / Dvd Option to the start.

6- We press F10, save and exit.

7-windows 7 Cd to install and start installing.


Note: some windows can get errors on CD’s. You can install it with the original win7 dvd without problems.


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