Hotmail,Outlook password change 2016 new interface, Expression as a picture

Outlook password change 2016 new interface Expression as a picture

Hello friends;
To change your Hotmail, Outlook, Windows Live mail password, here’s what you do:

  • First we enter our hotmail address. In the new interface, our account opened with the outlook log comes in anticipation.
  • We click on my log on the top right of the pop-up mail page
  • We click on the place that displays the account in the drop down menu.                                                                                                         hotmail-password-change
  • Then click on the page that says security and privacy on the page that opens.                                                   hotmail-password-change-outlook
  • We call Change password in account security.
  • Finally we will enter the code to 2nd email or phone to change and we finish the change.

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