Hometech Pc UEFI Windows 10 installation USB Boot Problem Solution, Windows Installation Driver installation with Usb

Hello friends; How to format your Hometech computers with usb today, Usb boot error solution, not seeing usb in boot tab, driver problem fixing etc. I will explain how we solve problems. Friends first, these devices have been a major problem in these devices using a hybrid bios software. Post-format driver installation has also become a problem.

First of all, it is worth noting that if your device is opening and you want to format, we recommend you to make the video that writes the format on the devices opened below, this process is effortless and easy. If your device does not boot and recovery does not work, apply our boot and format video this time with usb. It is a bit long but tried method by us and we installed windows on our device in this way. driver download link after installation: https://yadi.sk/d/z0Ti-rpErZGMVQ

Doing Recovery on Opened Devices

Installing to a Computer That Will Never Turn On With Usb

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