Grundig notebook, Recovery, Resetting, how to recover windows

Recovery Grundig notebook, Resetting Windows for Grundig Computer

Follow the steps below to reset your computer.

This is a completely different process. It will restore your computer to factory settings and erase all your data. Zeroing should be preferred for problems that can not be solved by the refresh operation.Windows 8 To reset your computer;

With the keyboard, press the Windows logo key With your mouse, move your cursor to the upper right corner or lower right corner, move it up or down, and click the Settings icon. In the Settings menu that opens, click “Change computer settings” at the bottom.

On the screen that appears, select “General”.

– Click the “Start” button under the “Remove everything and reinstall Windows” option.

– Click the “Next” button on the screen that opens.

– Your opponent will have two options. Select the option that best suits you from the “Remove my files only” and “Clean the drive entirely” options.

– Click the “Reset” button.- This will take time. When the process is complete, Windows Startup screen will open. Windows 8 Your computer is now reset.

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