Free 4 Vector Drawing Site

Free 4 Vector Drawing Site

Vector graphics are independent of resolution / pixel, each object is a mathematical representation, and most importantly, a graphic type that can be resized to any size without losing detail. So if you draw a logo 30×30, if you draw a logo, it will make it as clear as the same 30×30 by not seeing blurred / pixelated images if we enlarge it from right to left eg 1900 × 1900.

For example, if you enlarge a small natro logos, you can see it as normal picture formats on the left, vector drawing on the right. No matter how much we magnify, there will be no distortion.

You can use commonly used Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Inkspace programs to organize vector drawings. File formats vary according to programs.

.ai: Adobe Illustrator file format.
.svg: (Scalable Vector Graphics) Expansion scalable vector graphics. It is a vector format that is used widely and is a W3C standard.
.cdr: Corel Draw vector format.
.eps: Vector format supported by most vector drawing programs
.wmf: (Windows Meta File) The vector image format developed by Microsoft.

Advantages of Vector Graphics The vector graphics are ideal for use in work that needs to be produced in different sizes and colors. Visually details of working with different sizes do not suffer any loss. In vector graphics, objects can be recolorized or reshaped as we wish. Vector graphics take up less space as file size. Vector drawings are used in every field, especially in designers who are interested in web design.

There are sites on the internet where you can access sample vector graphics or download many free graphics / drawings. In this article I will provide 4 shares from these sites. I will also be on an extra site where you can see your business kitchen.

When we click on the “VECTOR GRAPHICS” menu when we enter the site, we have reached 1700 vector files. There is also a separate categorical menu on the top of this page, which we have already entered. This site, with its sleek and quality content, contains vector drawings that are especially practical for web site designers.

Another vector graphic site with a wide range of archives You can find vector silhouettes on human silhouettes, ornaments, symbols, animals, objects, nature, environment, transportation vehicles, holiday themes, buildings, industrial products.

It is a site that you can find visually in every matter, not just as a vector. The most important detail to note here is that there are too many advertisements to find the right link to use in your downloads.

It is a site that I can forget about the sites that I recommend so far. is a site where you can download free / paid vector graphics with a wide range of content which we can call as the abyss. If you click on “Vectors” on the left side of this website, you can see the category and how big the store is.

Finally, if you do not want to download the preparations, I would recommend if you want to get a little more out of it and get information on how to do it. It’s an educational site that tells you how to do it step by step. When you enter the page, click on “Categories” and “Adobe Illustrator”. 1404 step-by-step drawings are available. For example, you can use our link to draw a Hot-Dog Tool.

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