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Hakkında: Our History
FIT PRECISION MOLD CO., LTD was found in 2004, a professional supplier of plastic injection mold and plastic injection products, including the molds for auto parts, medical equipment, tooling for household appliances, electronic & industrial products and consumer products, etc. We focus on contract manufacturing, such as OEM and ODM, providing following services with capabilities to different surface finishes: plastic injection, die casting, CNC machining, etc. We provide an integrated service to our clients, including making tooling, manufacturing products and packing products as per clients' requests.
Our Factory
FIT PRECISION MOLD CO., LTD currently employs 215 people of which 50 are qualified and experienced tooling, molding engineers. Our company integrates CAD/CAE/CAM to augment its efficiency and quality largely. With this, the engineering experts can provide our clients best solution though reasonable design and right process in order to save time & cost for clients.
Our Product
Product development assisting & consulting, prototype, injection tool / mold making, die casting tool / mold making, stamping die making. Plastic injection molding, die casting molding, metal stamping, CNC machining and OEM making.
Product Application
Automotive parts, electronics, medical parts, household appliances, industrial products, consumer products and mobile products, etc.
Our Certificate
ISO 9001: 2008.
Production Equipment
Equipment List.
Production Market
Our molds and products are mainly exported to North America, Europe and Australia. The medical, automotive and electronic products we produced occupy a certain market in this area. And we have established a good cooperation relationship with some giants in medical, automotive and electronic products, such as Erba, BMW, Toyota, GE, Philips and so on.
Our Service
Working Aluminum Extrusion Slides

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