Fixed version of Windows CE 6.0 for Chinese Freebook laptops based on WM8505

Fixed version of Windows CE 6.0 for Chinese laptops based on FreeBook P702B Netbook WM8505 V3

(with USB-flash disk inside and without NAND-flash).

This is the unique distribution kit, capable to fully recover your Chinese laptop based on WM8505 V3. After flashing laptop with it you doesn’t need more to keep the special booting up script on your SD card.

How to install

  • Format your SD memory card in FAT32 file system.
  • Unpack «script» folder from archive into root of your prepared SD memory card.
  • Insert SD card into laptop and turn it on.
  • Wait J.
  • Warning! All of your data will be lost!

For English Download Click here

For Chinese Download Click here

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