Fix The Parameter is Incorrect on External Hard Drive in Windows and data recovery

Hello friends; I’ll explain how to find a solution for the iyor Inaccessible Parameter Incorrect iyor error that we usually experience on external hard disks. This problem usually occurs when the USB HDDs are disconnected from the computer without the use of the Safe Eject feature while the USB HDDs are plugged in our computer or the HDD experiences a power failure while the HDD is running. Those who live in this problem when they want to enter this problem, and no way to access the data contained in the hdd.

The problem solution happens in two ways:

  • Data recovery after formatting if there is data in it
  • If there is no important data, you can re-use hdd with direct formatting method.

1- If you have important information within the hdd follow this path.
First, download the program called DiskInternals Partition Recovery. This program is used to recover lost data. Download and install the program, then run it. Scan your unopened hdd. I explained how you would do this in the video below. in this way, save your data to a different location. Then use HDD LLF Low Level Format Tool to format your hdd and start using it.

2- If you don’t have any important information in HDD, use HDD LLF Low Level Format Tool to format your hdd and start using it.

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