Fix MacOs: This Item Is Temporarily Unavailable. Please Try Again Later error

Hi friends I received the MacOs X operating system installation “This item is temporarily unavailable. Try again later. This item is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later ”. here’s what you do:

  • the first thing you will know is the right thing; device is using the apple ID you used previously. you may receive this error because of a different apple ID. if you don’t remember your old apple id, please format it with usb in the last article.
  • Check the time of your device first. If the time date is wrong, open the mac terminal and correct the time date with the date command. If the date is incorrect, you’ll also often get the following error: An error occurred while preparing the installation, Try running this application again. these two errors may be due to time-date error. Click on the link at this address and watch the video and correct your date time. An error occurred while preparing the MacBook Air Installation
  • Try opening your apple account at in the online help on the setup screen.
  • restart your Mac, and press and hold down the Command (⌘) – Option (⌥) – R after the startup sound. Release the keys when you see the globe icon saying ““Starting Internet Recovery. This may take a while.” As it says, it may take a few minutes. Next, you will be asked you will be asked to connect to a wireless network. Select your Wi-Fi connection. After that your Mac will download a recovery system image from Apple’s servers. Your Mac will restart, and select install Mac OS. You mac will install the version of OS that was factory-preloaded on your Mac at the time of purchase. So this may work.
    Mac Os X recovery
  • If the above doesn’t work for you, I will write on the last article. because I solved it this way. here’s what you do: Prepare a usb memory containing MacOS with the help of the video in the link. And start your device with this memory and perform a clean installation from scratch. here is the link: How to Create a MacOS X USB Bootable Disk in Windows, How to Create a USB Memory for MacOS Installation

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  • I bought a iMac 2009 from someone else and I have the same error and I don’t know the Apple ID , going crazy here, thank you

    • Did you figure this out yet? I just got the same model and tried to do a fresh install now I have no os.

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