Do not do this against the aggressive dog!, Do not do this against the aggressive dog!

Dogs from our friends on the street are sometimes aggressive. Do you know what you need to do in the face of a dog attack?

5 Movements Must Be Absolutely Against Dog Attack

Do not touch the eye
Looking into your dog’s eyes is perceived as a threat, and this may be a reason for you to attack. Avoid eye contact by holding your dog in sight. He will walk away to not perceive it as a threat.
Do not panic
Dogs and other animals are believed to be afraid. When you see a dog with a nervous dog that is barking towards you and trying hard, try not to calm down. If you shout and shake your arms or try to escape, this dog can make you look like a hunter and attack you.
Slow down
If you’ve run into an aggressive dog while you’re running, slow down your steps. Walk slowly in the opposite direction from the direction of the dog and check it with the eye. Keeping your arms together in your two legs, your dog will lose interest in you.
You can hang a dog with an object. It would be great if you had something to eat with you. But if not, you can give something to chew like a shoe, bottle or backpack. This will keep the dog out and make time for your escape.
If the dog continues to behave aggressively, face it without eye contact. Give me commands to go. Be aware of your tone of voice, be strong and confident. They do not like very high-pitched sounds. The most effective commands are “No” and “Backward, Go”. The dog will understand if you give this command in a violent tone of violence.

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