Dell Precision Workstation Windows 7 Setup, Hdd Problem Solution

Dell Precision Workstation Windows 7 Setup, Hdd Problem Solution

Hi Dell Precision Workstation series To solve the problem of hdd not found during windows installation on computers, you need only to write the following.

1. Go to first,

2. We choose the Desktops & All-in-Ones menu.

3. We choose the Precision Workstation menu.

4. Choose Your Own Model

5. Select the operating system you want to install from the location where the driver is located and type in the driver and your SAS RAID driver.

6. Install the downloaded Exe file and copy all of the opened files to your usb memory after installation. Install the Memory Card in your Dell Computer.

7. Start Win 7 installation. In the Hdd section, click on Driver Install to display your Pencered USB memory. (Hdd invisible screen)

8. Windows will then search for the driver. After we find out, we call forward.

9. And our hard drive will now appear.

10. Once we have done our partitions, we can begin our setup.

Briefly said: During the installation, Dell does not recognize Windows Hdd because Dell supports this Model Computers with Raid Setup. We download it and solve it by introducing it to the computer. The trick is to install the correct Driver Usb Memory. If your original recommendation CD is stopped, run the driver that says Sas Raid Driver in the green Driver DVD Copy all of the opened files to your usb memory. Install the USB memory stick to the PC, insert the boot disk, start the setup cd daemon, load the driver on the hdd partition screen and display the files in usb memory.

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