Change of resolution, drop error when opening Windows files Solutions

Hello Sorbilene family; the other day i encountered an error again. In this error that came across, the resolution was automatically reduced whichever word file I had on the desktop or in different folders. While there was no programmatic problem in my reviews, I investigated what caused this error. I came across something interesting.

When I right clicked on the exe file in the main installation file of the program, I saw that the low resolution warning is checked on the compatibility tab. When I changed this marked place, I came back to the folder where I had my file again. I saw that my problem was resolved when I ran my file.

All you need to do is to find the exe file in the folder where the program that installed your file is not the folder where your file is located, find the exe file, right click on it and make the setting you see in the picture below from the compatibility tab. For example, the file you get the error is a word file and you find the word program in the c / programfiles folder where the microsoft word program is installed and make the right click settings to it.

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