Cannot download additional components required to install mac OS X error solution

this causes the problem?

  • happens after ram memory and hdd change
  • becomes from modem encryption and dns settings
  • happens from hdd formatting
  • It happens from the slowness of the internet.


is important: first of all check if your device has internet recovery support and search.

1- Make sure you have a working Internet connection. internet service is a must.

2- If possible, try the installation with an ethernet cable.

Change the 3-modem wireless encryption type to WPA wpa2. give dns if necessary.

4- You can do mac recovery in 3 ways. in this video he explained 3 shapes separately. The first operating system, the last installed operating system, the latest operating system, 3 of them are explained in the video, how to log in with individual keys. Try all 3 of them.

5- Prepare and install the mac os installation usb with an external usb memory.
you can watch this video.

6- Make sure the time and date are correct.
See this video to fix the time and date.

7 – Finally, install the hdd on a different mac pc and insert it into your own hdd. if you can.

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