ASUS X541U Notebook Windows 7 8 10 Setup bios with Usb or Cd

ASUS X541U Notebook Windows 7 8 10 Setup bios with Usb or Cd

Hi friends ASUS X541U Notebook computer If you want to install windows with usb or cd, here are what you will do:

first restart your computer by pressing CTRL + Shift keys. do not release the ctrl + shift keys until the display starts again. that is, CTRL + SHIFT and click again at the same time. Do not leave CTRL + SHIFT keys on your device until you see ASUS. (Press F9 or F2 if your computer does not come with Windows installed at all if the problem screen does not show up at bootup if it is not already open.)

  • click on the first screen where the advanced options are displayed.
  • after Point to UEFI hardware software settings.
  • we call it restart on this page.
  • enter the advanced page by pressing advanced Mode a F7.
  • On the Security Tab, point to Secure Boot.


  • Disable Secure boot.



  • Enable the CSM boot in the Boot Menu. (If this screen does not appear, restart your computer and press F2 to enter the bios settings and come back to the boot tab.)



  • Finally, when you have installed usb or cd, press F8 and start Setup.

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