Acer E1-572G Series Notebooks installing windows 7, How to set bios menü

Acer E1-572G Series Notebooks win 8 install windows 7 formatting, Win 7 Dialer and driver

Hello You have Acer E1-572G installed in your computer windows 8 installed on your computer to install windows 7 you will do the following:

First, turn off your computer and restart it, do not start, press F2 and enter BIOS setup.

Once in the Bios menu, we go to the Boot Mode section of the Boot Menu and select the Legacy option there. Then we exit and exit the exit menu.

You can press F2 key to enter the BIOS again and then enter BIOS again. You will also be able to boot from the Boot menu with the Boot Priority Order option. We will put the Cd Rom or usb memory option first in the F6 and F5 Options and save and exit from the exit menu.


Important Notes: Setup Usb Memory etc. If you are going to do so, insert the memory into the USB ports before entering bios. Or you can not see your memory in Bios.

First place all your backups in a different position. It’s a little hard to just format the c part, so you’ll have to format all the hdd partitions so that you can create them again.

Delete all of the hdd partitions at the time of installation and recreate them. Otherwise you will get the Windows Can not Install Diskette error.

You can download all drivers belonging to the device in this address.

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