Acer AO1-132-C4RS How to recover, recovery key, format, reset

Acer AO1-132-C4RS How to recover, recovery key, format, reset

Hello friends If you want to format and re-install your Acer AO1-132-C4RS brand computer, here’s what you will do:

– To do this, your computer must have been originally formatted, not formatted with cd or usb.
– get a backup of your information at a different time before it starts processing, this will delete everything …
– Have your computer’s charger plugged in during operation.
– After the transaction, your device will come in the same way as the first day you bought windows and driver and necessary programs installed. The program you have downloaded later, and so on. The settings are deleted. You need to load them from scratch.

  • First restart your computer by pressing CTRL + Shift keys. Do not release the ctrl + shift keys until the screen restarts. Ie CTRL + SHIFT and click again at the same time. Do not leave CTRL + shift until you see the screen below on your device screen. If your computer is not turned on at all, this screen automatically comes up.


  • Click troubleshoot


  • We call the computer reset on the incoming screen.


  •  remove everything for a clean setup. (Get your backups in advance!)
  • We clean the drive completely and start the process.


  • After the transaction starts, we wait until the end. The device comes in the same way as the day we first bought it.

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